Leander martial arts gym offers programs for students who have special needs


Gabriel and Taylor Azua, the owners of Hero Way Strength 24 Hour Gym and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy, know that Faada jiujitsu emphasizes teaching anyone who wants to learn regardless of socioeconomic status or disability. For them, that is not just a way to effectively market a business.

The Azuas make sure to not leave anyone out of the loop as Hero Way Strength 24 Hour Gym has a program to teach children with special needs.

“We have a couple of kids that are autistic, and they come in and they don’t want to be touched,” said Gabriel, an Army veteran. “To watch [the]kids come out of their shell is amazing.”

The Leander facility also offers personal training, Brazilian jiujitsu, and self-defense programs.

For Taylor, one of the more amazing aspects of the gym is seeing the change in children with special needs from the beginning of the lessons.

“The parents will come and talk to us about the differences they’ve seen at home and at school,” Taylor said. “It’s crazy how you see the difference.”

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