Q&A with Jeff Struchtemeyer, executive director Texas Humane Heroes

Texas Humane Heroes' Rescue Roundup event in March raised $20,000.

Texas Humane Heroes' Rescue Roundup event in March raised $20,000.

Texas Humane Heroes aims to eliminate pet homelessness.

The organization rescues at-risk animals at municipal shelters across Texas. Jeff Struchtemeyer is the executive director of Texas Humane Heroes and answered questions for Community Impact Newspaper's volunteer guide.

Texas Humane Heroes is located at 10930 E. Crystal Falls Parkway, Leander. Readers interested in learning more may call 512-260-3602 or visit www.humaneheroes.org.

Q. What is your favorite part about working for Texas Humane Heroes?
My favorite part is seeing all the dogs and cats get adopted and find homes. Seeing new families come and look at all the dogs and cats we have and falling in love with an animal and taking it home.

Q. What do you hope people learn from volunteering?
I hope they learn the amount of work that goes into running a shelter and taking care of animals and that they continue to expand their love for dogs and cats while they’re here.

Q. What’s something you want people to understand about pet homelessness or the organization?
The organization is always looking for volunteers and donations to operate. We don’t get any public funding. The more people that can volunteer is wonderful. People need to understand they need to have animals spayed and neutered to control pet homelessness. …[Adopting an animal] is a time-consuming process. We’ve had instances where individuals have adopted and returned dogs because they didn’t spend the time they needed to with them, and the dogs became aggressive and dangerous.

By Marisa Charpentier

Reporter, Cedar Park | Leander

Marisa Charpentier joined Community Impact in September 2018. After working as an intern, she became a reporter for the Cedar Park | Leander edition in October 2018. Charpentier graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with degrees in journalism and Plan II Honors.