Cedar Park police to increase enforcement of driving while intoxicated violations


Cedar Park police have stepped up patrol presence through June 4 to encourage drivers to not get behind the wheel under the influence, according to the police department.

The increase in officers along local roadways is an effort to discourage and monitor for impaired driving violations as part of the ongoing regional Selective Traffic Enforcement Program initiative. The national program model combines intensive enforcement of a specific traffic safety law with communication, education and outreach informing the public about the enforcement activity, according to a police department press release.

This enforcement period coincides with both the upcoming Memorial Day Holiday and local graduations.

“There is a great deal to celebrate this time of year. We ask that everyone do it responsibly so we can all ‘Arrive Alive,’” said Cedar Park police spokeswoman Tara Long.

For more information, call the police station at 512-260-4600 or visit www.cedarparktexas.gov/departments/police-department.

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