Leander ISD annual energy savings result in lower costs for district

Between April 2017 and March 2018, Leander ISD saved around $3.73 million in energy costs districtwide.

LISD anticipated $10.39 million in energy costs during that time frame, but actual costs were around $6.66 million, according to district documents.

“It’s [the result of] an energy team all the way across the school district, with the teachers and staff, administration,” LISD Energy Manager Mike Conkle said at a school board meeting July 19.

Since the start of the district’s current energy program in 2001, LISD has saved approximately $39.73 million in energy costs, according to meeting documents.

The 17 years of the energy program resulted in saving 1,340,651 Million British Thermal Units of energy, which equate to stopping 191,873 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, 39,973 cars being taken off the roads a year or planting around 4.92 million trees, according to the documents.

Comparing 23 school districts, the Benchmark 4 Excellence Maintenance and Operations study ranked LISD as consuming the second-lowest amount of energy per square foot, district documents state.

All of LISD’s campuses qualify for the Energy Star rating as well, Conkle said.