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Texas Student Assessments has released State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness testing results for Leander ISD’s spring semester, demonstrating a majority of passing scores for grades 3-8 in math and reading.

Students in certain grades were also tested in writing, social studies and science.

Results marked “approaches grade level” are passing scores, while “did not meet grade level” indicates a failing score on the test.


Depending on the grade level, between 81-93 percent of test-takers passed the math STAAR.

A number of students scored “masters” in the subject, which means they are “expected to succeed in the next grade or course with little to no academic intervention,” and can think critically and apply knowledge in familiar and unfamiliar contexts, according to the Texas Education Agency’s website.

Among those to score “masters” in math in Leander ISD were 30 percent of third-grade students, 32 percent of fourth graders, 34 percent of fifth graders, 36 percent of sixth graders, 17 percent of seventh graders and 35 percent of eighth graders.

The STAAR Alternate 2 test was created for students enrolled in special education services, according to the TEA’s website. “Satisfactory” indicates a passing score while “developing” marks that a student is not prepared for the next grade level and needs further support.

Some of the students who took the STAAR Alternate 2 were also noted as “accomplished,” which means they tested significantly above passing. Thirty percent of third graders, 19 percent of fourth graders, 34 percent of fifth graders, 33 percent of sixth graders, 21 percent of seventh graders and 49 percent of eighth graders earned an “accomplished” score.


Less than 20 percent of students in grades 3-8 did not pass the STAAR reading test. Thirty-eight percent of third graders, 34 percent of fourth graders, 39 percent of fifth graders, 34 percent of sixth graders, 42 percent of seventh graders and 42 percent of eighth graders received the “masters” score for reading.

The majority of students who took the STAAR Alternate 2 reading test passed the assessment. Three percent of third-grade students, 14 percent of fourth-grade students, 25 percent of fifth grade students, 28 percent of sixth-grade students, 16 percent of seventh-grade students and 30 percent of eighth-grade students scored “accomplished.”


Twenty-two percent of fifth-grade students who took the science STAAR received the “masters” score, while 51 percent of eighth graders were considered “masters.”

Most of the students who took the STAAR Alternate 2 science test earned a passing score. Thirty-six percent of fifth graders taking the science STAAR Alternate 2 scored “accomplished,” with 38 percent of eighth-grade students doing the same.

Social studies

Eighth grade students took the social studies test, and 41 percent were scored “masters.”

Forty-five percent of the STAAR Alternate 2 social studies test-takers scored “accomplished.”


In the writing test, 17 percent of fourth grade students were considered “masters” and 24 percent of seventh graders received the same score.

STAAR Alternate 2 results show 22 percent of fifth graders earning the “accomplished” score while 24 percent of seventh graders did as well.

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