Leander ISD presents new elementary rezoning scenario

After hosting two public meetings to receive community input, Leander ISD's administration presented Scenario C to the board of trustees May 19.

Jimmy Disler, LISD’s senior executive director of operations, said 25 people attended the May 9 first public meeting at Leander Middle School and 40 people came to the May 10 second meeting at Stiles Middle School.

Based on community feedback to Scenario A—the rezoning scenario approved by trustees to receive feedback from the community—LISD administration developed Scenario C. This scenario was in part shaped by residents living in neighborhood code 3970—Ben Brook Ranch North, Oak Grove Road and Savanna Ranch.

Scenario A proposed students in those neighborhoods move to Bagdad Elementary School. At the public meetings, Disler said parents preferred their children remain zoned to Plain Elementary School.

Trustees first began discussing elementary school rezoning in March to plan for the opening of elementary school No. 26, which will be located in front of Stiles Middle School on Barley Road in Leander. The campus opens in August 2017.

Trustees are expected to vote on Scenario C at its June 2 meeting.