Leander ISD receives a B from state; 23 schools receive an A


This story has been updated to include the score from Vista Ridge High School.

The Texas Education Agency has given 23 Leander ISD schools an A grade in the first official release of the agency’s A-F accountability rating system. Overall, LISD received a B grade—or 89 out of 100—in the 2018-19 rating, according to TEA. LISD also received an 89 for 2017-18.

The B district score shows no change compared to last year’s B score of 89 out of 100. In the three domains the TEA uses to measure a district, LISD received an A for student achievement (94), a B for school progress (89) and a B for closing the gap (89)—improving in two areas and matching one area from 2017-18 (93, 87, 89).

River Ridge Elementary School received the highest score—a 96—in LISD.

One school in the district received a D. Christine Camacho Elementary School scored a 68 out of 100, improving upon last year’s failing grade.

No LISD schools received a failing grade this year.

Here is the list of LISD schools by grade:

A: River Ridge Elementary School (96), Canyon Ridge Middle School (95), Stiles Middle School (95), Deer Creek Elementary School (95), Rutledge Elementary School (95), Vista Ridge High (95), New Hope High School (94), Cedar Park Middle School (94), Henry Middle School (94), Bush Elementary School (94), Cedar Park High School (93), Cypress Elementary School (93), Cox Elementary School (93), Parkside Elementary School (93), Rouse High School (93), Vandegrift High School (94), Akin Elementary School (92), Leander High School (91), Grandview Hills Elementary School (91), Whitestone Elementary School (91), Steiner Ranch Elementary School (91), Four Points Middle School (90), Winkley Elementary School (90)

B: Westside Elementary School (89), Reagan Elementary School (88), Block House Creek Elementary School (87), Naumann Elementary School (87), Leander Middle School (86), Reed Elementary School (86), River Place Elementary School (86), Wiley Middle School (86), Running Brushy Elementary School (84), Faubion Elementary School (83)

C: Bagdad Elementary School (79), Glenn High School (77), Knowles Elementary School (77), Mason Elementary School (76), Plain Elementary School (75), Pleasant Hill Elementary School (73), Giddens Elementary School (70)

D: Camacho Elementary School (68)

N/A: Williamson County Academy, Williamson County Detention Center, Leander Extended Opportunity

In 2018, districts received a letter grade—A, B, C, D or F—for their accountability rating, while individual schools fell into one of three categories: Met Standard, Met Alternative Standard or Improvement Required.

For 2019, both districts and individual schools received letter grades.

For more information, visit www.txschools.gov.

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  1. The story is a little misleading by stating that there was no improvement over last year. There was. The reason for a B overall is that if a district has an F or D rated school, the highest it can receive is a B. But there was improvement in that the school that received an F the previous year received a D.

    This info has been going around on FB boards for a while and too many people give it too much weight. See below my response where I specifically talk about Camacho.


    The TEAs ratings do not reflect the value that LISD is providing (or not providing) our children.

    At the elementary and middle school campuses, the entire rating is based on STAAR performance.

    I am, personally, not a fan at all of the STAAR. But I am in opposition of rating the performance of an entire campus based on the results of that test when (at the elementary level) half the school doesn’t even take it.

    There are way too many factors to consider when thinking about the overall value that the district provides to our children.

    I am a parent at Camacho, the school that has gotten two Fs and a D this past year and I wouldn’t trade that campus for any other. I love what Gena is doing at the school and how the district has supported them through the “bad” ratings.

    We were in San Antonio in a district of 100k kids and my oldest went K-5 in one of the best elementary schools in that district and I still prefer Camacho.

    I applaud our district and their efforts to provide the best quality education for all of our kids to the best of their ability.

    Do we have problems in the district? Heck yes, and I have lambasted them for it…but we, as a community, need to take reports like this along with everything else and continue to support our campuses, challenge our administrators, and hold our board accountable. But in the end, we are a family and need to work as one.

    I am hopeful that with the new Superintendent, we will see a shift in community support and transparency from the district and will usher in a new era to LISD that we will be talking about for years to come.


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