Leander City Council selects Troy Powell of The Colony to be new city manager


Troy Powell, the current city manager of The Colony, has been chosen as Leander’s next city manager.

An employment agreement must still be negotiated and finalized, according to city spokesperson Mike Neu, the timeline for which has not yet been set.

Leander City Council voted unanimously to hire Troy Powell during a special called meeting Aug. 13. Council also voted to create a committee to negotiate Troy Powell’s employment contract. The group will consist of Mayor Troy Hill, the city’s Human Resources Director Cindy Hignite, Matt Powell (no relation) of Powell Municipal, and City Attorney Paige Saenz. The four will facilitate the negotiation of Troy Powell’s employment agreement, according to Neu.

Troy Powell began working for The Colony—a Dallas suburb of about 41,000 people—in 2010, according to The Colony’s website. He has a master’s of political science in urban affairs management and a bachelor of arts in political science from the University of Central Oklahoma, the website says, and he is an International City Managers Association-credentialed city manager.

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  1. Why would anyone want that job knowing that the Leander Mayor and City Council have denied contractual severance to the previous City Manager? That foolish action has not created a law suit where the City of Leader is now at risk of losing more money than the actual cost of the severance package. Add to the scenario the recent controversy caused by Mayor Troy Hill regarding Capmetro, the Leander Library, his obvious attempts to stifle dissent and criticism, and his anti-gay public postings and you can clearly understand why nobody with any semblance of professional judgment would want to be the new Leander City Manager. Mayor Troy Hill certainly looked foolish at the last council meeting having to remove the agenda items regarding the hiring of a new City Manager because Powell rejected the offer. Mr. Powell was wise to pass.

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Marisa Charpentier
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