Vehicle charging stations coming to city facilities in Cedar Park


Cedar Park’s City Hall, recreation center and library will soon receive electric vehicle charging stations.

Each location will have one station, and each station will allow two cars to charge at once, according to city spokesperson Jennie Huerta. The stations will be installed within 30 days.

The city has selected ChargePoint Inc., an electric vehicle infrastructure company, to install and operate the charging stations. City Council voted unanimously to enter an agreement with the company during a meeting Feb. 28. Council members Stephen Thomas and Dorian Chavez were absent from the vote.

The agreement comes after council approved the City of Cedar Park 2018-2020 Strategic Goals in October. One of the goals was to explore environmental programs, including having electric vehicle charging stations at city facilities.

The charging stations are to be leased for five years at a rate of $2,400 per station per year, costing the city a total of $36,000, according to city documents.

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  1. What a waste. I hardly see those things used. Also waste of good parking. Need to put them way in the back of the parking lot. Most the time they have better parking then the handicap parking

    • Whoever says “free gas” doesn’t know anything about these chargers. The price is $2/hr, which gives your car roughly 12 miles worth of electricity. If you do the math, it actually cost more to use these public chargers than pumping gas.

      EV saves money only when you charge at home.

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