Cedar Park City Council requests review of police department's policies and procedures

Neighborhoods across Cy-Fair celebrate National Night Out on Oct. 3.

Neighborhoods across Cy-Fair celebrate National Night Out on Oct. 3.

After several residents spoke during the Cedar Park City Council meeting Thursday evening to request the firing of a police sergeant and the department’s police chief, council members requested a review of police policies and procedures.

Cedar Park council chambers were overflowing with several residents speaking in support of Greg Kelley, who, according to court records, was convicted in 2014 of aggravated sex abuse. Many of the speakers requested the firing of Cedar Park Police Chief Sean Mannix and Sgt. Chris Dailey, who they said did not properly investigate the case.

Kelley’s mother, Rosa Kelley, was one speaker who requested the firing of both Mannix and Dailey. While speaking before City Council, she turned to Cedar Park police officers in the audience and said the community appreciates them.

“What I’m looking for is for the dirty, for the ones that are corrupt in the police force to step out,” she said.

Cedar Park City Attorney J.P. LeCompte said City Council does not have the authority to fire anyone on the police force. He said council members only have authority over the city manager and city attorney, but that the city manager does have the ability to dismiss anyone in the police department.

Around 30 off-duty Cedar Park police officers were also in attendance in council chambers. Kristy Whitley, the president of the Cedar Park Police Association, said the men and women of the police association support their community, police department and the police chief.

“Chief Mannix is a true example of someone who works tirelessly to lead and support the men and women of our department,” she said. “His dedication and endless commitment goes above and beyond many others in the state.”

She asked City Council and the city manager to continue to support Cedar Park police.

“As members of our police department, we do not allow controversy or criticism to interfere with the professionalism and integrity necessary to carry out our duties for those we serve,” she said.

Cedar Park Mayor Matt Powell said the council trusts the men and women of the police department and said they know the officers stand ready to work with the Williamson County District Attorney’s office on the case.

“At this time, obviously, the council is not able to comment on ongoing legal proceedings,” he said. “Let’s not forget a reprehensible crime has been committed against a child. It’s our steadfast hope and belief the legal system will continue to run its course to ensure swift and accurate justice.”

City Council approved a resolution asking the city manager and city attorney to move forward with an independent review of the police department’s policies and procedures.

“You can bring that report back when we’re all ready,” Powell said.