Place 4 City Council Member Lowell Moore Place 4 Cedar Park City Council Member Lowell Moore[/caption]

Place 4 Council Member Lowell Moore announced Jan. 28 he would not seek re-election to Cedar Park City Council.

Moore said he made his decision before the council’s retreat on Jan. 15-16.

“I’ve kind of been thinking about [leaving the council] for a couple of months, and we had our retreat, and I thought, ‘This is probably a good time to do this,’” Moore said. “I’ve served for a long time. There are many challenges I’d like to go out and see if I can work on.”

Moore filed Jan. 25 to run for election to the board of the Upper Brushy Creek Water Control and Improvement District.

“Council is a very stable council,” Moore said. “I feel very comfortable in leaving.”

Two candidates have filed for the open council seat—Cobby Caputo, a former council member, and Kaden Norton, a participant on several city boards. The election will be held May 7.

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