Family-owned dealership in Leander offers tractors, trucks, trailers


Trucks, trailers and tractors drive the Reid family’s life.

Travis Reid began Reid’s Triple T—a truck, trailer and tractor company in Leander—after growing up with a love for cars and trucks. Since 2014, the family-owned business has grown from just Reid to a 10-person team.

Today, the business has clients across 30 states.

Reid said customers are often surprised at the inventory of trucks, trailers and tractors since there are typically only a few stock options at tractor dealers. At Reid’s, out of about 75 tractors and 100 trailers in stock, no two are the same.

Reid said he sells all colors of trailers and tractors rather than just the standard black or white. Customers have appreciated the selection, Reid said. Purple trailers have oddly been a hit, and a pink trailer was sold last October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“We don’t have standard trailers,” Reid said. “We do a lot of colors, a lot of options and a lot of things that most trailer dealers don’t.”

The Reid family has watched Leander grow over the last few decades, and they welcome the growth in their business. After about five years in business, Reid’s Triple T is Texas’ largest dealer of Mahindra tractors, which is the world’s highest-selling tractor brand, according to Reid. Reid credits the growth to the company’s goal to educate clients on its products.

Reid’s sister and Marketing Manager Shawn Culbertson said buying a trailer or tractor can be scary, but employees focus on educating the customer so every question is answered.

“People really have come to trust our business because they can come and ask,” she said. “They feel comfortable. When they leave, stuff is not going to fly off the back of their truck or make a wreck.”

Today, the company is growing alongside the area, and the family is considering a second location to fit their expanding inventory. But their goal continues to be sharing their decades of experience with customers.

“We shoot them straight, and we don’t haggle around,” Reid said. “We pride ourself in being knowledgeable.”

Reid’s Triple T
3150 Hwy. 183, Leander
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m.-5:30 p.m., Sat. 8 a.m.-noon, closed Sun.

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