Young entrepreneur Logan Smith perfects recipes for Cookie Empire Bakery


Twelve-year-old Logan Smith’s favorite subjects are history and science, but when he is not busy with seventh grade, Logan can be found baking all sorts of goodies for his company, Cookie Empire Bakery.

“I don’t like math that much, but it definitely does help with baking,” said Logan, who started baking around two years ago inspired by the television show “MasterChef Junior.”

“I thought it was cool, the dishes that they would bake, yet they were a little older than me. … So I asked my mom what our cookie recipe is, and I’ve been doing it ever since,” Logan said.

He officially began Cookie Empire Bakery around a year ago when he wanted to help raise money for people affected by Hurricane Harvey. He earned around $375 by selling cookies and donated all the funds.

Logan takes orders from customers who contact him online at

“The hardest part—he might not think it’s hard—is when too many orders come in and it affects his school,” said Tannie Smith, Logan’s mom.

She said they considered stopping Cookie Empire Bakery, but then they decided to “officially” partner up with her helping out with the company.

Logan’s regular cookie flavors are chocolate chip, chocolate chocolate chip, Andes mint and gluten-free chocolate chip. For the holiday season he made a chocolate peppermint cookie.

“He really seems to know what he wants, and he really is a perfectionist,” Tannie said. “We went through so many test cookies that he refused to sell because they weren’t up to Cookie Empire standards.”

He said the best part about running Cookie Empire Bakery is getting to taste the cookies and cracking the eggs. Logan said that after saving up for a church mission and college, he would like to open a brick-and-mortar bakery selling primarily cookies and some cakes, plus maybe other desserts like cream puffs.

“I’d like to be able to not just be selling from a stand or be working for someone else where you can’t tweak the recipe,” Logan said.


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