Zest Family Medicine and Skinologie aims to know patients inside and out


When co-owners David Constantine and Francis Mijares created Zest Family Medicine four years ago, they wanted their practice to be more accessible, welcoming and personal than a traditional family medical clinic.

“We want it to be fun here,” Mijares said. “From the moment you walk in, it’s always going to be different.”

In the waiting room, splashes of green help draw visitors’ eyes to a natural lit room with a leather couch, wooden tables and a coffee maker.

The practice offers primary care, laboratory and hormone therapy services, including Skinologie, a medical spa and laser center connected to Zest.

“If you have pimples or if you have eczema, let’s say, there’s an imbalance inside somewhere,” Mijares said. “We treat the outside with Skinologie and we treat the inside with Zest.”

Mijares previously had a practice in Beaumont, where the couple got married in 2011. They then moved and opened the practice in Cedar Park, nearby where Mijares originally graduated from Leander High School.

The two now divide the workload as Mijares focuses on being a nurse practitioner and Constantine works in the business office.

The duo said many medical businesses stressed quantity over quality, and they said they wanted their business to be different. Mijares said their appointments typically last 45 minutes to an hour in order to give them time to get to know their patient.

“Our philosophy is customer service first,” Constantine said.  “Most times our waiting room is completely empty, not because we’re not busy. If your appointment time is at that time, you’re being seen by your provider at that time.”

Zest emphasizes making each aspect of the process a personal one—from filling out paperwork before an initial visit to getting lab results and referrals to specialist.

“Our goals here are no wait times for patients,” Constantine said. “Not just to be seen, but also, you don’t have to wait for lab results.  We’ll call you as soon as they get in.”

For Mijares, the goal is to provide quality care, get to know patients and make sure they are healthy overall. He said he hopes getting to know the patient will make Zest the new face of primary care.

“Our philosophy is to get your health into optimal health,” Mijares said. “We want to heal you, we want to get you to whenever you were 20-years-old, we want to offer so many different things, not just things you can get from a doctor’s office.”

Services offered by Zest
Primary Care– Focuses on prevention and screening, patient health plans, specialist visits and hospitalization
Laboratory services – Provides on-site testing
Hormone Therapy– Specializes in hormone replacement therapy
Allergy testing and treatment– Uses the latest technology in skin allergy testing and immunotherapy

Zest Family Medicine and Skinologie
1201 N. Lakeline Blvd., Ste. 400 Cedar Park
For Zest Family Medicine and Skinologie: 512-379-7272

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