New Volente water park owners say village will one day resemble Gruene’s offerings


New owners intend to revitalize Volente’s water park and former Shore Club site

When Kara and Adam Weedman first arrived in Austin 20 years ago, Adam Weedman said the couple would take drives down Lime Creek Road wondering what their lives would be like if they were residents of the adjacent scenic neighborhood on the lake. However, with a family in the works, he said they decided the community was just “too far away” for their lifestyle.

Now the Four Points residents say they are intent on showcasing the sleepy town of Volente and revitalizing its heart after purchasing the Shore Club Volente Beach Restaurant and Bar, Volente Beach Water Park and 10 additional acres at the center of town.

Along with friends Gala and John Lyne, the Weedmans formed Volente Vision LLC, a new entity that took over the ailing business’ operations from former owner Rick Redmond on April 1 as well as the real property segment of the contract scheduled to close June 30. The water park opened April 30.

“We called it our motivational drive,” Adam Weedman said about the winding road that runs through the center of town and along the shoreline. “I’ve been interested in this whole area for 20 years.”

Redmond said he is consulting with Adam Weedman as the two go through the closing process. He said he decided to sell after five years of drought.

“We had a really good year last year,” Redmond said. “I decided to sell it because I’m getting older, and it was time to liquidate some of my assets.”

Redmond said Adam Weedman is younger, has drive and a big vision for the property, which Redmond said is good.

Adam Weedman said the region was home to musicians Stevie Ray Vaughn and Rusty Weir decades ago, and the Weedmans hope to restore the area to its former glory.

The group also purchased the cottages, or bungalows, in buildings across the street from the park. One of the tenants in the cottages the group purchased from the buildings’ owner, Linda Carter, has been renting the same unit for the past 38 years, he said.

Adam Weedman said his group has renamed the Shore Club as Beachside Billy’s and The Blue Parrot, the Shore Club’s bar, as Blu’s Bar, giving the campus its two mascots, a goat and a parrot.

He said he envisions the town to harbor a similar vibe to Gruene, a nearby community that features water activities.

“Our goal is to build an entire downtown area, to have it all packaged together with the short-term rental [units], boats, party barges, zip lines nearby,” Adam Weedman said. “The area has so much potential.”

Volente Mayor Ken Beck agrees.

“The village [of Volente]is truly excited to have Adam as owner [of the former Shore Club and water park],” he said. “He has a really creative view of what the center of town could be.”

Beck said the village government had been concerned about the decline of the property and lack of annual maintenance.

“[The Shore Club] is probably our signature commercial property in the village,” he said. “That’s what people know Volente for.”

Beck said the village does not have a formal chamber of commerce, but with the recent influx of commercial businesses—including Shack 512, the restoration of BJs and now the former Shore Club and water park—the new entities may be able to share in a marketing plan for the area to become a travel destination.

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