Blacklands Malt Brandon Ade, owner of Blacklands Malt in Leander, tests raw rye grain for quality.[/caption]

Blacklands Malt made its first malt in late 2013, owner Brandon Ade said. Since then business has been increasing for Leander-based manufacturer for distillers, breweries and bakeries.

“I knew that there was a huge market for malt and barley out there,” Ade said. “But it was a little daunting to start out having no previous relationships with these brewers. … [Now] I get approached by a surprising number of guys all the time asking me about what I’m doing, when we’re going to offer more styles of malts [and] different grain
varieties of malt.”

The business produced about 40 tons of malt in 2014, its first full year of operation, and Blacklands manufactured 75 tons of malt in 2015, Ade said.

Blacklands sells malt products to many different local breweries and Dallas brewpubs, Ade said.

In January, Blacklands will begin its first runs of rye-based malt and light crystal malt. Ade said the business may also expand at its current facility or move to a larger location.

“We are hoping to take that 70 tons of production and move into a new space in 2016 to get to about 250-something [tons], quadrupling our production,” he said. “I’m up for the challenge.”

Blacklands Malt
11880 W. Old FM 2243, Ste. 304, Leander
Hours: By appointment