BC’s Backyard Bar & Grill to open as music venue, restaurant at old Lone Star Grille location


Seven months after Lone Star Grille & Amphitheater in Cedar Park closed its doors, a new restaurant and music venue is scheduled to open.

BC’s Backyard Bar & Grill expects to open by July 1, according to the senior partner on the project, Bill Wagner.

“It’s a very service-oriented concept; we’re taking the approach that we don’t want our people to have to wait,” he said.

Wagner said the restaurant, bar and venue will serve dishes including comfort food and Mexican- and Asian-influenced cuisine.

He said he plans to host events at the location such as live music concerts; reggae performers during brunch on Sundays; kids’ night with popcorn, hot dogs and movie screenings; and football nights with NFL or college game viewings.

“[Cedar Park has] the right people that we want to target to bring this live show into the community,” Wagner said. “We like Cedar Park, we like Williamson County; we don’t like all of the congestion and all of the effort it takes to see a show in Austin.”

BC’s Backyard Bar & Grill
1501 E. New Hope Drive, Cedar Park

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  1. Hopefully the neighbors do not complain about the music just like they did with the Lone Star Grille. Hopefully they will have Jean-Pierre and the Zydeco Angels.

  2. I hope they leave the playscape or add a new one! Definitely need to have that for all of us who need to get out and have little kids.

  3. So, the kitchen at this place is 1/2 the size it needs to be at a minimum. How are they going to counter that? I have shown this property to potential buyers twice and that has been the hangup both times: the kitchen cannot accommodate the occupancy rate. Will they bring food trucks? That would solve a lot of problems.

    • If we had to do it all over again, we would build a bigger kitchen. But we can’t. So… how do you best serve the crowds that come? The kitchen is fine for a small venue (the indoor part). It can’t handle the huge crowds in the classical way. It means prep when the venue is closed or on off hours, and menu that can be executed quickly with the pre-prepped food. What the venue does have going for it is that people like it there, it draws crowds, and kids like it. If the new folks can bring exceptional service and mitigate the wait for food and drink, then more power to them.

  4. The location is great, the place is great, the food and service left much to desire and the neighbors should just get a life. Any music is better than the freeway noise. I hope it works out.

    Something to think about: let people park there for free and shuttle them to the CP Center, dinner before and drinks after plus no parking fee, win win for all except the bureaucrats that charge $15 to park.

  5. I hope they do something about the noise. IT IS A PROBLEM. It gets super old hearing it through your walls especially at night when people have kids that need to sleep.

  6. If they find a way to keep the menu simple and the service outstanding, they will do fine. Historically I’ve never heard a single person complain about the venue. It’s 100% poor service complaints. We will definitely give it another shot! Especially with new live music acts!

  7. As the owners of the property, Richard Blount and I are acutely aware of both the limitations AND the benefits of this property. We did NOT take the first group that wanted it. We made sure the prospective renters were acutely aware. First, the kitchen IS small. Second, the venue draws a disproportionate number of groups… 20 tops… 3rd, late night music is a critical problem for Cedar Park. Whether it is a relatively few complainers or not, they are the squeakiest wheel. B

    Bill has put together an incredible team… Food is handled by a fellow who runs a successful catering business, used to serving hundreds to thousands of people at a time., and what looks to be a great menu. The fellow handling bar operations is bringing a dedicated group of servers that understand that when you want a drink you DON’T want to fight in lines to get one. Lastly, this ISN’T going to be a late night music venue. It will be a family friendly reasonable hour music venue.

    We hope this is a successful endeavor… cedar Park deserves a unique destination outside of strip malls that can become a legendary fun gathering spot.

    • The city of Cedar Park did you no favors with the noise ordinance they put in place last year. If they are going to zone an area as commercial then they need to allow that zone to operate as commercial and everything that comes with commercial properties. A car at 65 mph at 25 ft is ~77 dB so I don’t know how they expect a restaurant with outdoor dining and a playground to operate at 70db at the sound origin. At 70db, under Cedar Parks noise ordinance, you can’t even mow your lawn. There is a toll road between the restaurant and the origin of the noise complaints (Cedar Park Town Center). I’m going to file a complaint with the silly council (cough cough), I mean city council that the toll road is too noisy and exceeds the 2017 Cedar Park noise ordinance. I may or may not make a as much noise as possible driving to the new restaurant.

    • I don’t know a thing about the restaurant business but I do know a ton about customer service and serving my clients with a sense of gratitude and positivity. I think we tried the Lone Star Grill maybe three times and two out of the three times we were met by hostesses who had a major attitude problem. I felt like they thought they were doing us a favor by allowing us to come into their restaurant. Like we should feel honored we were allowed to even walk in and sample their average food at best. Two out of the three times we were turned away because they were shut down to the public due to large private parties and the one time we were seated, the service was exceeding slow and the food was mediocre at best. My advice to the new owners would be to train the hostesses that the customers are important and should be made to feel the restaurant values their business. Secondly, get away from the frozen food delivered by Sysco and prepare fresh, local dishes. Even if the price is higher. Good service and good food served in a family friendly and clean environment can’t go wrong. It’s a pretty simple recipe for survivability and long term success.

    • Hi Allen,
      I was just looking to see if I could get some information about what happened to the property and found this article and subsequent comments. Full disclosure: I’m a musician, in a band, and was looking for contact information to submit a band inquiry. As an “older” musician, I can appreciate an earlier performance time, and, at least my band squares the acceptable volume levels with management wherever we perform. I’m sure there are other bands that do the same – want to play, but also want to be respectful of volume levels. Especially if that’s a sensitive issue, as in this case. Here’s hoping for a (reasonable) win-win for all concerned… Kelly/JUNCTION

  8. Oh this sounds amazing! And ditto about the play scape. We will be there weekly. PLUS my husband’s name is BC 🤣.

    • We’ve been WAITING for something to become of this special and unique location. NOTHING like it around. Telling all our friends….

  9. Who can I contact about a job opportunity. I’ve worked at this venue for several years. Just waiting to work for the right owner.

  10. I hope you’ll serve more than “bar food”. Only problem I had with Lone Star. Food was awful.

    • The menu looks AMAZING. I was worried that they couldn’t really execute it it looked so good, but the head of restaurant operations went into detail on how they were going to pull it off. The food WAS awful at Lone Star. Richard and I have always wanted this to be a place where we wanted to go with friends and family, and we are really excited about Bill Wagner and the group.

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