Does Community Impact Newspaper report lawsuits?


From the Feb. 2018 Ask the Editor page in our print edition.

A number of readers have asked me if Community Impact Newspaper is reporting news of a lawsuit brought by a developer against a Lake Travis-area city and a number of its elected officials.

The short answer is both yes and no.

As a news organization, Community Impact Newspaper’s mission statement relates to building communities of informed citizens. That includes producing reporting that is relevant and useful at the local level with an emphasis on being unbiased and factual.

When it comes to reporting on public disagreements between entities in the communities we serve, we typically hold there is reader benefit when:

  • a legal action names public servants or elected officials and/or is made part of the public record by being mentioned in a public venue such as a council meeting;
  • a possible settlement action requires expenditure of taxpayer funds and is made part of the public discussion.

Since our community is governed by established public processes, we believe everyone is best served when final facts are eventually held up to the light for all to see.

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Rob Maxwell
Rob Maxwell joined the world of print journalism and Community Impact in Sept. 2017 as editor of the Lake Travis - Westlake edition. He previously enjoyed a successful and rewarding career in radio and television news. In his spare time, Rob can be found scoping out area climbing walls and hiking trails. He lives in Cedar Park with his wife and daughters and looks forward to receiving his LCP edition of Community Impact Newspaper every month.
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