Welcome to our January 2018 edition and our Annual Community Guide! You are holding a newspaper with a whole new, easier-to-understand look and feel we hope you keep for reference on your coffee table or counter top for the next six months.

You can expect to read up on the top five news stories we think are affecting our region: what we have reported, the latest news and developments to look for in the months ahead.

Also look inside for listings of local dining establishments and local stores and shops that opened in 2017 or are planning to in 2018.

We are including city and village information based on census data to help you better understand where you live, including the cost-of-living burden and taxes you pay. Look, too, for information on your school district and transportation project maps as well as pages dedicated to things to do and events planned for this coming calendar year.

Read on, friends. We invite you to embrace your hyperlocal world in 2018.