The portion of Bee Creek Road that spans from the traffic circle at Highlands Boulevard and Baldovino Skyway to Hwy. 71 is now part of the city of Lakeway’s road system.

During their Feb. 6 City Council meeting, Lakeway council members unanimously voted to annex the road from Travis County.

“[Travis County] was not taking care of the road or maintaining the traffic signals,” Lakeway Mayor Thomas Kilgore said. “We'd like to just take control of it once and for all so there's no longer any interagency questions about why we have this road.”

That portion of Bee Creek Road was originally going to be annexed by the city of Lakeway in 2019, according to city documents. However, the process was halted because of concerns about the conditions of the road as the city of Lakeway would have been responsible for repair costs if it had annexed the road at the time.

Director of Building and Development Services Erin Carr said Travis County fixed the road and upgraded it to Lakeway standards, adding the Travis County Commissioners Court took action Jan. 3 to authorize the city of Lakeway to annex the road.

“The outside lanes [of the road] are still on the edge of city standards, but it’s something we can live with,” Lakeway City Manager Joseph Molis said during a Nov. 7 council meeting.

At the November council meeting, Public Works Director Dale DeLong also said the outside lanes have normal wear and tear with cracked seals that will need attention in the future, and it will cost the city $30,000-$40,000 for cracked seals.

The funds for Bee Creek Road maintenance will come from the city’s general fund and from street maintenance funds, according to city documents.