The city has approved Rodriguez Transportation Group to conduct a traffic engineering feasibility analysis and transportation plan for a new road that would potentially span between Palermo Drive and Bee Cave Road.

This alternative access is part of the city’s Thoroughfare Plan and aims to align the city’s collector roadways south of Hwy. 71, east of Palermo Drive, west of Old Burnet Road and north connecting to Cueva Drive.

The study will look at 19 intersections and analyze 11 scenarios, which is more than double what the city initially anticipated.

The contract also will include public involvement, with a two- to four-hour public open house to present and obtain comments on the initial study findings and design options.

Council Member Andrea Willott said she was interested in finding more ways to have public involvement when it comes to informing residents of the potential roadwork. She suggested posting design options online; however, City Manager Clint Garza said he would prefer not to post anything that still is in draft from.

In the end, an agreement to look into forming a subcommittee with council members, city staff and citizens was made with Garza saying he will put an item in front of council once staff decides how to form the committee.

“I think it’s going to be a huge asset for us in having to make decisions on these projects,” Council Member Andrew Clark said. “The fact that there is going to be public input, I think that was always the goal when we started this.”

The study is anticipated to begin in July and finish by December, and it is expected to cost no more than $225,667.91.