Rollingwood City Council met June 16 to approve traffic calming measures in an effort to reduce an influx of motorists leaving Zilker Metropolitan Park through Rollingwood city limits.

Many Zilker visitors use a large parking area on Stratford Drive which leads them to make a left turn on Rollingwood’s Riley Road upon leaving the park. Since November, city officials and residents have reported an increase in traffic, particularly during peak weekend hours, which has caused frustration among nearby homeowners.

As one of the city’s traffic liaisons, council member Wendi Hundley presented several options for traffic reduction in conjunction with guidance from Rollingwood Police Chief Jason Brady.

Through a 3-1 vote, with member Sarah Hutson abstaining, council approved a motion to place a temporary semi-diverter in the southbound lanes at Riley Road and Paige Drive, and Stratford Drive and Ashworth Drive every weekend from 4 p.m. Friday evening until Monday morning. The semi-diverter will prevent motorists from turning left onto Riley and would include a “do not enter” sign.

“It addresses our peak-period cut-through traffic, and it allows us to control the traffic cutting through the neighborhood during those times,” Hundley said. “We don’t always have the volume of traffic that comes through like we do on really nice weekends.”

Additionally, council approved a purchase of a portable traffic counter for the roadway in an attempt to obtain more data. Per council’s motion, this device will not exceed $1,000, and could be used in other areas of the city in the future.

In an effort to seek further collaboration with the city of Austin, Rollingwood Mayor Michael Dyson will draft a letter to City Manager Spencer Cronk regarding these issues.