The Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization took an opportunity for public outreach during an open house event at Bee Cave Public Library, meant to assess future transit needs and educate the public on current project amendments.

The Oct. 17 event was lightly attended, but those present were privy to information from Ryan Collins, the short-range planning manager, and Doise Miers, the community outreach manager regarding the transit study and the 2019-2022 Transportation Improvement Program.

The TIP consists of projects that currently have funding and will begin construction within that four-year time frame. CAMPO presented the TIP amendment list, which features 21 amendments, including a grade-separated intersection project on Capitol of Texas Hwy. from Westlake Drive to Spicewood Springs Road. The full amendment list can be found on CAMPO’s website.

Transit study 

Throughout the planning process for the transit study, CAMPO has been working closely with local and regional partners in an effort to analyze current transit conditions, identify existing and future community needs and refine and evaluate future transit options. 

Residents were encouraged to provide input on the TIP amendments as well as a transit study that will be used to inform CAMPO’s 2045 Regional Transportation Plan in order to help staff identify current transit gaps and needs. According to Miers, the open house will aid CAMPO in understanding the current barriers preventing residents from using transit and community interest in future transit options.

According to Miers, if residents are interested in using transit options now or in the future, this is their opportunity to provide input.

This was CAMPO’s first open house for the transit study. Future meetings are scheduled for the weeks of Nov. 11 and Nov. 18. Residents who attend those meetings will see more concepts and information regarding the study, according to Community Engagement Director Claudia Arniella, who works as a consultant on behalf of CAMPO.