Lakeway City Council approves $127,000 traffic study


In pursuit of a May 2020 bond, Lakeway officials are commissioning a study centered on possible road projects needed within the city.

During a July 29 special meeting, City Council approved the commission of a study from civil engineering firm Huitt-Zollars that will determine the demand and cost benefit of potential projects, among other objectives.

An initial cost estimate from Huitt-Zollars shows an itemized bill totaling the study at $127,950, but council’s vote included a cap that stops the cost from going any higher than 10% above that estimate.

Huitt-Zollars representative Brian Everett addressed council regarding what the study will entail, with tasks including the identification and inventory of possible road improvement projects, the estimation of project cost estimates, and public outreach that includes a page on Lakeway’s website and an open house.

“After discussions with the city, we really wanted to focus in on Lakeway needs and pushing this proposed bond forward,” Everett said. “That’s what this study is going to accomplish.”

Huitt-Zollars staff have already identified several candidates for road projects, including Serene Hills from Flintrock to Lakeway Boulevard, Main Street between RM 620 and Lohmans Crossing and a connection from Clara Van to Meadowlark.

On July 15, City Council voted to create a transportation steering committee. Mayor Sandy Cox said July 29 the committee would help prioritize the projects identified by Huitt-Zollars.

“The good news is we’ll have a list on all of these projects and what they look like,” Cox said. “But in the end, there might be eight projects and the committee says really only three make muster. … That is the importance of that steering committee.”

Everett said the study will also employ traffic modeling for use in analyzing and evaluating project alternatives.

Once city officials agree on projects to move forward with, Everett said his team will develop an implementation schedule.

“Some projects shown on here (the presentation) may be needed, but they also may not be good bond projects,” Everett said.

The final stage of the Huitt-Zollars study involves the development of a transportation infrastructure investment program report that will be based on City Council’s review and feedback.

The timeline issued by Huitt-Zollars for the study is constructed so the city can issue bond language by the deadline, which is 90 days prior to the May 2020 election.

The schedule states project identification will be complete by Oct. 2, a master project development and implementation schedule will be complete by Nov. 29 and the transportation infrastructure investment program report will be complete by Feb. 3.

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