Interactive map: Traffic fatalities in western Travis County, 2016-19


One of the most discussed issues in the Lake Travis-Westlake area—both in government and beyond—has been traffic safety—particularly, what should be done about it. Local and state government leaders have recently proposed bills and policy changes, and residents and political action committees have become more vocal on the matter.

As the area’s population becomes more dense, many advocates of stronger traffic safety policy maintain the problem will only get worse. For a thorough examination of traffic safety activism in western Travis County and how it has become more prolific, read the upcoming issue of the Lake Travis-Westlake Community Impact Newspaper, which will be in homes May 15.

Below is a map detailing all traffic fatalities that occurred from 2016 to April 2019 within the area east of Travis County’s western border, north of Hwy. 290, south of Travis County’s northern border and west of Hwy. 183 and MoPac. The data has been mined from the Texas Department of Transportation’s Crash Records Information System and shows where and when a collision occurred and how many fatalities resulted from each collision.

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  1. Most of these fatal accidents are on major highways that have not been upgraded to handle the traffic increase. These should be limited access highways with median strips, proper exits and frontage roads, No traffic lights, suicide lanes or left turns. Every time there’s an accident, they put in another light – causing more accidents. TxDoT, the Legislature and local governments are negligent for not planning for this years ago, when it would have been much cheaper. Now it’s going to take expensive land purchases and elevated roadways to fix this.

  2. There is a simple and inexpensive fix to make these roads safer and eliminate almost all of these fatalities. Put concrete center medians down the center of these highways and allow left turns only at intersections with signal lights. Our famous Texas “suicide lanes” are relics of the past and simply must go. The sense of entitlement to take a left wherever you please is literally killing people.

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