CesiumAstro, an Austin-based aerospace communications company, will expand its headquarters with a new facility at 13215 Bee Cave Parkway, Bee Cave, according to a June 15 news release from the Austin Chamber of Commerce.

CesiumAstro builds hardware and software for satellite communications described as “high-throughput, software-defined phased array communication payloads for airborne and in-orbit platforms,” per the company’s website. The products are utilized to enable a range of commercial and defense objects.

The new 29,000-square-foot space will serve as the company’s engineering and corporate site, while its current 10,000-square-foot space nearby at 13412 Galleria Circle, Bee Cave, will be converted into the new product and introduction facility.

The expansion will accommodate CesiumAstro’s growth, according to the release, which states the company experienced a 250% employee growth rate since early 2020.

“Our team rapidly expanded throughout the pandemic in part due to the incredible talent looking to make Austin their home,” CEO and founder Shey Sabripour said.

In March, the company announced plans for its first mission to space, dubbed Cesium Mission 1. The launch in September will be CesiumAstro’s first opportunity to utilize its own hardware in space. www.cesiumastro.com