Come August, Austin Regional Clinic at Four Points will pioneer a new hub of specialized and comprehensive care for patients with multiple sclerosis with the arrival of Dr. Diana Andino. Also referred to as MS, the disease is an autoimmune illness that affects the central nervous system and can present itself through symptoms such as mobility issues, difficulty with dexterity, loss of vision, or loss of bowel and bladder function, Andino said.

While the disease is incurable, there are treatments, such as immunotherapy and infusions.

Located at 11714 Wilson Parke Ave., Ste. 150, Austin, ARC Four Points will begin taking on patients Aug. 21 for MS, for which Andino will be creating comprehensive care plans. Evaluations need to be conducted first to understand a patient's circumstances and to create an effective treatment plan.

Some care and treatment will be outsourced to other specialists for specific issues, and Andino will serve as the head coordinator. Andino will be the only MS specialized doctor within ARC.

“There are only [very few] comprehensive, designated care centers in Texas; they’re very few and far between, less than six or so,” Andino said.

Andino said she expects to see patients throughout the region as other MS doctors are located as far as Lubbock and Dallas.

Despite the lack of comprehensive care centers dedicated to MS, there is a sizable network of doctors in the Central Texas region that she aims to create a network with to understand and improve upon the needs of the community, Andino said.

Additionally, she said she hopes to begin conducting research as part of the center because what is known about MS evolves quickly.

Current and prospective patients can call 737-247-7200 to inquire about MS care and treatment.