Improvements along the low water crossing of Westlake’s Camp Craft Road will now require a full road closure from Feb. 1, 2025, to June 26, 2025.

At a June 12 meeting, the West Lake Hills City Council updated the traffic plans to include a full road closure due to the narrowness of the road, City Administrator Trey Fletcher said.

Some context

The project, which will lift the existing road by 9 feet to prevent flash flooding from Eanes Creek, was delayed May 22 to next year following a mix of supply chain issues and timing concerns with the Eanes ISD school year.

The road closure will not affect the parking lot entrance of Eanes Elementary School, and detours will be set up as needed, Fletcher said.

Quote of note

"It's a very challenging work environment. We do want to protect worker safety as well as the driving public. Closing the road is the most efficient way to get the project done," Fletcher said at the meeting.

The details

Council members heard updates from staff about road projects within the voter-approved, $7.9 million improvements bond package from 2021.

Project Manager Vicki Ortega said the delay of the Camp Craft Road project will allow the city to prioritize minor improvements in the package first, including:
  • Redbud Trail (Sept. 4 completion)
  • Yaupon Valley Road (Sept. 19 completion)
  • Eanes School Road (Sept. 12 to Dec. 19)
  • Westlake Drive (Oct. 16-Jan.6)
  • Laurel Valley Road (Jan. 7-Jan. 31)
The delay will have no impact on the overall cost of the package, said Jennifer Bills, the director of building and development services.

“This [new start date] will put major road closures at the end of the school year and get us past football season,” Ortega said at the May 22 meeting.