Updated 10:30p.m. May 4

Incumbents Kelly Brynteson and Jennifer Szimanski have been re-elected to serve a second term for Lakeway City Council, alongside Matt Sherman.

"I am humbled and honored to have been re-elected to the council by the citizens of Lakeway... I love our community, our families, our uniqueness, and I look forward to the future of Lakeway," Szimanski told Community Impact.

While Szimanski is a returning council member, Sherman will be serving on the board for the first time.

"I am deeply appreciative of the support I have received throughout the campaign. This victory, along with the parks bond, sends a clear message that Lakeway residents wish to honor our heritage as we shape our future. I couldn't be more excited to continue serving our great city from a council seat," Sherman told Community Impact.
  • Brynteson has 2,755 votes, 30.87%
  • Szimanski has 2,695 votes, or 30.20%
  • Sherman has 2,182 votes, or 24.45%
  • Christopher Levy has 1,292 votes, or 14.48%

Posted 7:45 p.m. May 4

Early results show incumbents Kelly Brynteson and Jennifer Szimanski are leading the race along with Matt Sherman for the three available Lakeway City council seats in the May 4 election.
  • Brynteson has 2,212 votes, 31.12%
  • Szimanski has 2,156 votes, or 30.33%
  • Sherman has 1,750 votes, or 24.62%
  • Christopher Levy has 991 votes, or 13.94%
The context

The Lakeway City Council has six members alongside the mayor. Council members serve two-year terms, and three are up for election each year.

The May 2025 election will have the mayor and three council seats up for vote.

The details

Incumbents Kelly Brynteson and Jennifer Szimanski are running for reelection and were both initially elected in 2022.

Candidates Christopher Levy and Matt Sherman have not served on the council before, however Sherman is a commissioner for Lakeway Zoning and Planning Commission.

Brynteson, Levy and Sherman identified their campaign priorities in a Q&A with Community Impact in March.

All results are unofficial until canvassed.