The city of Lakeway has set its sights on 5.4 acres of land near H-E-B and the Baylor Scott & White Institute for Rehabilitation for a new residential site plan.

The background

At an April 15 meeting, Lakeway City Council considered a planned unit development, or PUD, proposal for a medium density housing project, with 30 single-family homes and 18 multifamily townhomes.

Since 2006, the land has been zoned for commercial use, but it has remained undeveloped.

City Manager Joseph Molis said this is due to several factors, including being set back from RM 620 and the presence of large retailers nearby.

"At the end of the day, that property has been sitting there vacant for years now being advertised for commercial use. The market has told us this is not what its best use is," Molis said.

Additionally, over 260,000 square feet of retail is already under development in the surrounding areas with the Square at Lohmans and phases of Tuscan Village, according to city documents.

Molis said the city needs more residential projects to supply the area's growing commercial sector with more foot traffic.

What they decided

While most council members agreed that the site would best be dedicated to a residential development in the future, a final decision was postponed until June to further work out details within the PUD.