Sloan + Parker is an intimate wine and beer lounge in Steiner Ranch offering conversation, education and community.

Opened in 2018 by owner Katie Maynard, the lounge is a mix of a bar, with wine by the glass and beer on tap, and a retail spot for stocking home collections.

What they offer

Sloan + Parker offers a wide selection of wines that can't be found in most grocery stores, Maynard said.

Instead, the offerings are hand-selected and often from family- or female-owned businesses. Some of the wines have even been chosen based on the preferences and suggestions of their customers.

"We really want it to feel like a home away from home, like a place to come gather with your friends or your family. ... Our cellar is like your pantry," Maynard said.

What else?

Sloan + Parker hosts monthly wine tasting and education events for customers to learn about new selections and pairings.

In the past, Maynard said she has given each wine a fun label to communicate it's flavor profile. Some wines have been named after types of shoes or even "the types of people who show up to thanksgiving," like the "hippy grandma" or "consummate host," she said.

"If someone wants, I can talk about pH levels, tannins, the soils, all of that, but ultimately, wine is, for me, all about stories. It's all about people and connections. And if you talk to grape growers or winemakers, they'll tell you the same thing," Maynard said.

Other services Maynard offers include off-site catering and custom residential cellar design, stocking and management.

The backstory

When Maynard, a California native, moved to the Steiner Ranch area in 2013, she said there weren't many places like Sloan + Parker outside of downtown Austin.

"I wanted a place people could come after work, after an event, after the gym even, to just relax with a glass of wine," Maynard said.

A mother herself, Maynard said the lounge is meant to be a kid-friendly spot for parents and their children by day and a more adult space by night.