Lakeway City Council expanded the city’s golf cart ordinance, which allows for the safe operation of golf carts on public streets within city limits, to include recreational off-highway vehicles, or ROVs, at a Feb. 20 meeting.

The gist

The city updated the ordinance to include ROVs; neighborhood electric vehicles, or NEVs; and utility vehicles, or UTVs, according to city documents.

The ordinance still prohibits the use of the following on city streets:
  • All-terrain vehicles, or ATVs
  • Sand rails, commonly referred to as a “dune buggy”
  • All other off-highway vehicles not outlined in the ordinance
All allowed vehicles will be required to follow the same regulations as golf carts as outlined in the ordinance, according to city documents.

What else?

The Texas Transportation Code provides definitions of the various types of ROVs as well as lists of requirements for their operation on public streets. Lakeway’s expanded ordinance will place the same restrictions that currently apply to golf carts to include ROVs, as required by state law, according to city documents.