The city of Bee Cave organized a "Teen Court" diversion program for teens who have been charged with a Class C misdemeanor. The program was approved by the City Council at an Oct. 24 meeting.

The gist

Teens with Class C misdemeanor charges have the opportunity to clear their record after successfully completing the program. Class C misdemeanor charges include traffic tickets, possession of electronic cigarettes, possession of drug paraphernalia, vaping, graffiti, fighting or public nuisance, according to city documents.

The Teen Court is composed of six teens who make up a “Master Jury Panel.” The panel then hears the case through the teen’s perspective with the help of teen volunteers and teens who have been through the program. After hearing the case, asking questions and deliberating, the Teen Court would help to decide the appropriate punishment, such as community service, serving on Teen Court or classes, according to city documents.

What else?

The cost for teens to join the program is $20, according to the city.

The first Teen Court training session was held Oct. 27, where teen volunteer jurors learned about how to be a fair juror while ensuring the punishment fits the crime, according to a post by the city of Bee Cave on social media.