The city of Bee Cave has a new logo and tagline after the City Council voted unanimously to approve the design at a Sept. 12 meeting.

The gist

The new logo features a bee inside of a hexagon, honoring the city’s namesake. A new tagline of “simply elevated” has also been adopted by City Council, which refers to the city’s elevated location in the Texas Hill Country as well as the elevated quality of life, according to a news release.

In March, Bee Cave City Council voted in favor of making the bee an honorary “resident” of the city.
The city has also taken numerous steps to help conserve the native bee population by creating safe habitats, hosting community events, and planting native flowers and plants.

Quote of note

“Not only are bees vital to our ecosystem, but architecturally, the hexagon shape found in the honeycomb is also the strongest shape known,” Bee Cave Mayor Kara King said in a news release. “It represents who we are as a community—united and strong. When you come to Bee Cave, you’ll know exactly where you are, and we are excited to welcome you.”