As the region continues to experience triple-digit temperatures, water restrictions and wildfires, the Lower Colorado River Authority announced Aug. 12 its move to Stage 2 drought restrictions immediately and is asking customers to reduce water usage by 10%-20%.

Going forward

Lakes Travis and Buchanan fell to 46% capacity over the weekend, according to a news release from LCRA, the lowest they have been since 2013. As a result, Stage 2 restrictions are in effect for more than 1.4 million residents and businesses in the Texas.

In July, LCRA asked residents to reduce their water usage by 5% under Stage 1 drought restrictions.

The authority recommends the following to reduce water usage:
  • Use water-efficient and drought-tolerant plants.
  • Add mulch to landscapes and compost to turf to prevent water loss.
  • Cover swimming pools when not in use.
  • Reduce water waste inside homes by turning off water when not needed.
What they're saying

“It’s been extremely dry for the last year, and we all play a role in helping protect and preserve our water supply,” said John Hofmann, LCRA executive vice president of water. “The best way we can do that is to stop wasting water, and excessive landscape watering is just that—wasteful. Stopping waste and conserving just makes sense during this severe drought.”