A new wastewater lift station will be built on the 22.8 acres of land to be dedicated to Lakeway by The Oaks Phase 2 planned unit development, or PUD.

The proposed location for the lift station is on the property that will be dedicated to Lakeway just northeast of the proposed Main Street bridge that spans Yaupon Creek, according to city documents.

The resolution was unanimously approved by Lakeway City Council during the March 20 regular meeting.

The Square at Lohmans, The Oaks Phase 2 and the Jovie—formerly Tuscan Village PUD 2—will all be affected by the new station, the city said.

In conjunction with Travis County Water Control and Improvement District No. 17, the city is recommending a lift station that serves all three developments be built, Lakeway City Manager Joseph Molis said.

As this is a complex set of projects with unique development timings and deadlines, the lift station will need to be constructed within an easement on Stratus Properties’ parcel before the parkland is dedicated to the city, Molis said.

The Square at Lohmans broke ground Nov. 9.