Bee Cave City Council will hold a special session to consider options for an extension to Hamilton Pool Road on Jan. 25.

An alternative access study for Hamilton Pool Road was recently completed by Rodriguez Transportation Group. In order to include community input in the final study reports, the transportation group held an open house Nov. 16 at Bee Cave City Hall; the group accepted comments from the public through Dec. 7 and will include those comments in the final report to council.

There are four potential build-out options for Hamilton Pool Road that will be presented to council Jan. 25. It is also possible that council could consider other options based on public comment, Bee Cave City Manager Clint Garza said.

“That level of detail would be decided if/when an actual alignment is selected at either the time of property development on private property or if council requested staff begin design,” he said.

The proposed extension will be located east of Hamilton Pool Road and west of Bee Cave Road and is not currently included in the city's thoroughfare plan.

Bee Cave City Council’s special session will take place at 6 p.m. at Bee Cave City Hall.