After several months of discussion on the best approach toward the issue of motorized scooters, Rollingwood City Council voted yes on an ordinance banning the abandonment of motorized scooters.

The new policy, which council approved during its Feb. 19 meeting, comes with a penalty of up to $500 per day for violators who leave scooters on public property or unauthorized private property.

"There are neighbors who enjoy using commercial scooters to go back and forth when they don't want to use a car," Council Member Wendi Hundley said, adding other feedback she has received has shown some residents wanting an all-out ban of scooter use in the city. "I think we've come to a good compromise on this."

Council first brought up the idea of banning motorized scooters Oct. 16, when officials discussed whether or not to ban their use wholesale within city limits.

Several iterations of that theme followed in subsequent council meetings, with council first adjusting the verbiage of the original policy proposal, then seeking to differentiate between private and commercial scooters, then shifting to only penalizing abandonment.