Eanes ISD is set to provide eclipse glasses and eclipse lessons and activities ahead of the total solar eclipse on April 8—a historic celestial event that won’t be viewable from the United States again until 2044.

What’s happening?

While neighboring school district Lake Travis ISD canceled school on Eclipse Day, Eanes ISD will remain open and operate on its normal schedule.

District representatives said that eclipse glasses will be provided to every student on each campus, donated through the Eanes Education Foundation by Nightlight Insurance Agency owners Stephanie and Brett Dyer.

Eanes ISD campuses are expected to be in the eclipse’s path of totality—or when the moon passes between the sun and Earth and blocks the sun—between 1-2 p.m. During the eclipse, students will experience a few minutes of darkness and about a 10-degree drop in temperature, and will be expected to keep their eclipse glasses on for safety.

District representatives also said that Eanes teachers are working to create a variety of eclipse lessons and activities for the event; parents can reach out to their student’s respective campus for more information.

Another thing

Parents can complete an opt-out form if they do not want their children to view the eclipse outdoors. Students who opt-out will be supervised by staff and can view the eclipse through the NASA live stream.

Additionally, district representatives said that any absences will be counted as unexcused unless otherwise documented.