Lake Travis ISD adopted a plan to improve student performance across the district and at individual campuses for this school year, following approval from the board of trustees at a Jan. 17 meeting.

Zooming out

The district and campus improvement plan features five goals aligned with the district’s strategic plan, which are matched with performance objectives that are unique to each campus, said Stephani Vickery, LTISD assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, at a Dec. 13 meeting. The district regularly checks campuses' progress on the objectives throughout the school year, she said.

The districtwide plan aims to raise opportunities and academic outcomes for emergent bilingual and economically disadvantaged students, increase student and staff attendance, collect data from community members, improve student achievement, and close achievement gaps.

Specific districtwide performance objectives include:
  • Establishing a method to collect data on culture and climate from community members, including parents, students and staff, by June
  • Increasing career and technical education course completion by 10% for emergent bilingual and economically disadvantaged students
  • Increasing the amount of economically disadvantaged students that meet grade level on State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness by 10%
  • Ensuring all emergent bilingual students show growth from the previous school year on the Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System
  • Improve student achievement in reading and math, and close achievement gaps across all subjects and grade levels
  • Increasing student attendance by 1.5% and staff attendance by 5% from the prior year
Zooming in

Lake Travis High School’s improvement plan references:
  • Bringing together and engaging the community
  • Fostering an inclusive environment with equitable opportunities
  • Providing students with the skills for post-secondary success
  • Offering staff development for recruitment and retention
  • Promoting counseling services and community resources for families
Across middle school campuses, the plan seeks to:
  • Increase activities for parental involvement
  • Increase the amount of emergent bilingual students that approach, meet or master grade level on the STAAR by 5% from the previous year
  • Ask staff to complete a wellness survey
Lake Travis Middle School will look to increase student participation in clubs by 20%, while Hudson Bend and Bee Cave middle schools will each create a student advisory committee that will meet four times during the year.

Several elementary campuses will look to:
  • Improve student performance, including increasing the number of students that approach and master grade level on STAAR
  • Increase participation in diversity awareness initiatives from parents, students and the community
Bee Cave and Serene Hills elementaries set specific goals to improve performance for economically disadvantaged students. Serene Hills Elementary also hopes to increase student attendance from 94.74% in 2023 to 96% in 2024.

Lake Travis Elementary will seek to improve student behavior, including decreasing in-school suspensions, out-of-school suspensions and placements in a disciplinary alternative education program from the previous school year.