The Eanes ISD board of trustees is considering several updates to district policies due to changes made during the 88th legislative session.

What you need to know

During a board meeting on Jan. 10, trustees read the policy updates but did not discuss any changes or take action on the items.

Some policy changes for community members to pay attention to include:
  • The use of chaplains in schools based on Senate Bill 763: This allows districts to employ chaplains to perform the duties of school counselors or volunteer in other roles. The board will likely vote on a new policy that upholds the existing volunteering policy that allows chaplains to volunteer. Neighboring districts have made similar decisions.
  • Changes to accelerated instruction requirements based on House Bill 1416: This includes allowing parents of a student in any grade level to request a specific teacher after a student performs poorly on a state assessment, and the district must develop an accelerated learning plan for certain students.
  • Specifics to excused absences based on Senate Bill 68: This would allow students to miss class to visit a professional’s workplace in their junior or senior year of high school.
  • The authorization of school personnel to administer opioid antagonists, or medicine that stops the effects of opioids, if needed, based on Senate Bill 629: This requires a district to adopt a policy regarding maintenance, administration and disposal of opioid antagonists at campuses serving grades 6-12.
Community members can view the redline of policy comparison here. Updates on the district’s local policies can be viewed here.

What’s next

The board of trustees will take action on the changes at the next meeting on Jan. 23.

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