The Lake Travis ISD board of trustees discussed the addition of a digital form for the informal request for reconsideration of resource materials for the district website at a meeting March 22.

LTISD Director of Curriculum & Instruction Carl McLendon presented trustees with an example of a digital version of the paper form the district uses for parents to submit requests for resource material reconsideration.

McLendon said he would act as the principal designee, or the main point of contact, for the requests for reconsideration. Once he receives the digital form, McLendon said he would contact librarians on the campus or campuses where the resource can be found to begin the review process.

“It will come straight to me,” he said. “The goal is for me to get that information, and then I have that direct contact with those librarians so that we can begin that review process together.”

As with the paper format that is used, the digital version would ask users for contact information, the resource in question and the perceived objectionable content. The digital form also has two additional questions: one asking which campus the book was found on and another asking if the resource in question is a library or curriculum resource.

McLendon said the digital form would not be available for the public to access until after the board makes an official decision at a future meeting, but it would expedite the resource material review process.

Once the board decides on the final format of the form, it will be accessible on the district website under the Library Services tab.

The digital form for resource reconsideration will act as a first step in a four-step process of the review process. It will be considered an informal request until librarians review the material and decide they are in need of a formal review, McLendon said.

The second step of the review process will include McLendon contacting the librarians at the individual campuses to review the materials. The third step of the review process will be the formation of a reconsideration committee to review the material, and the fourth step will include a written report and decision made by the committee about the resource material. The third and fourth steps will only occur if a resource is deemed in need of a formal review.