Lake Travis ISD trustees approved compensation increases for the 2021-22 school year during a June 16 board meeting.

All employees will receive a 2% increase off the midpoint salary, which varies based on position. Every position is structured with a minimum, midpoint and maximum salary or hourly rate, and the raise is factored based on each position's midpoint.

This increase is on par with a majority of area school districts, according to Evalene Murphy, assistant superintendent for human resource services. Out of a selection of districts, over half are considering a 2% increase, Murphy said.

“We've all been in the same pandemic and budgetary world, so that’s very consistent across the board with districts,” she said.

The salary adjustment carries a $1.2 million price tag on the 2021-22 budget, according to LTISD Chief Financial Officer Pam Sanchez.

Additionally, the district could provide employees with a one-time bonus later this year, and Superintendent Paul Norton said district staff are evaluating the possibility.