Lake Travis ISD and Travis County begin discussion on Vail Divide Southern Extension project


Lake Travis ISD officials presented an interlocal agreement draft between the district and Travis County during a July 17 meeting.

LTISD and Travis County are in the planning stages of a roadway project, referred to as the Vail Divide Southern Extension between Hamilton Pool Road and Hwy. 71, according to district information. The extension of the roadway would offer additional access to Bee Cave Middle School.

Construction on the $76.2 million dollar school, located off Hwy. 71 and Vail Divide, began Feb. 13 and is anticipated to run until Aug. 2.

“[Bee Cave Middle School is] substantially complete,” Superintendent Brad Lancaster said.

Bee Cave Middle School will encompass 240,000 square feet with the capacity to hold about 1,200 students, according to the LTISD bond overview.

Travis County and LTISD officials agree the roadway will help relieve traffic congestion at the Hamilton Pool Road and Hwy. 71 intersection.

The terms of the draft state the total cost of the extension project will not exceed $10 million. Travis County could provide a potential 75% of total costs, with LTISD contributing 25%.

LTISD will oversee the construction and management of the project, according to the draft terms.

“We wanted to be in charge of the project,” Superintendent Brad Lancaster said. “We’re smaller and more nimble than the county.”

Lancaster hopes the roadway project will be done in three years.

The city of Bee Cave and Travis County approved an interlocal agreement on June 18 stating that Bee Cave will relinquish ownership over the Vail Divide, providing Travis County with sole authority over the roadway. No further permit approvals from the city are required, according to district information.

Approval of the draft will be requested during the Aug. 21 board meeting.

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  1. 3 YEARS!!!???? And why is an ISD managing the construction. $10million for 60ft of road??? I just don’t get why its gonna take so much money and time for a tiny connector. Its actually more like 40ft.

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