How do you express your faith?


For a journalist, faith is one of those little words with a multifaceted meaning. I have faith I will meet my monthly editorial deadlines and the newspaper’s content will be accurate and useful to you as you leaf through the pages of hopefully relevant content and information.

On a larger scale, faith is a concept many of us in the community bump into in various ways during our lifetimes—when we are tested by our own level of integrity or by some other measure.

With Easter April 1, and Passover happening Mar. 30 to April 7, I thought it would be useful to create a Worship Guide (see related link)—a place you can go to learn about the different and, as it turns out, plentiful choices we have to more formally express our faith.

I think I had the most fun learning about places of worship or spiritual centers I had never thought about before or even knew existed just a few minutes’ drive from my front door.

Through these kind of new experiences, I keep faith we can all keep learning fresh perspectives about our world, both hyperlocal and globally. 

-Rob Maxwell, Editor Lake Travis-Westlake edition

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Rob Maxwell
Rob Maxwell joined the world of print journalism and Community Impact in Sept. 2017 as editor of the Lake Travis - Westlake edition. He previously enjoyed a successful and rewarding career in radio and television news. In his spare time, Rob can be found scoping out area climbing walls and hiking trails. He lives in Cedar Park with his wife and daughters and looks forward to receiving his LCP edition of Community Impact Newspaper every month.
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