Pierre Leitgib’s love of wine started in his late teens in Switzerland, when he said his father would bring home cases of the best Bordeaux. After that, he said he was hooked.

Leitgib has brought that knowledge and love of wine to Central Texas in the form of his restaurant and wine bar, Westlake Wine Bar.

He said some wines he enjoyed growing up in Europe came from renowned houses such as Chateau Haut-Brion, Chateau Mouton Rothschild, Chateau Margaux, Chateau Latour and Chateau Lafite, some of which you can find at his restaurant.

“I had the chance to drink the best wines; part of my father’s compensation was in Bordeaux,” Leitgib said. “My mom would cook pizza, and we would drink wine. It sets the bar very high.”

And while one can find all types of wines from vineyards across the world and from the area at Westlake Wine Bar, Leitgib said he always sells a lot of Bordeaux, left bank specifically, because that will always be what he recommends.

Left bank Bordeaux’s are produced along the left bank of the Gironde River in the Bordeaux region of France.

He said he has had very good Texas wine, compared even to his beloved Bordeauxs, but it has been hard to get enough stock for his restaurant.

Leitgib, who has a background in engineering and has an MBA, came to the area two years ago after four years sailing and living in French Polynesia.

He said moving to the area was an easy decision.“It’s the place to be. Business is easy,“ Leitgib said. “I don’t work for a living, I just have fun.”

He and his son, Leonard Leitgib, opened the restaurant six months ago to a strong start, then the area went into Stage 5 COVID-19 risk level. Now Leitgib said the restaurant is gaining momentum back into its pre-Stage 5 success.

He said the food gets plenty of recognition as well. The restaurant’s chef, Kyle Dahl, comes up with a seasonal menu, featuring favorites such as beef bourguignon, mussels, a cheese board and steak frites.