Lola Savannah Coffee Lounge serving quality made drinks in Westlake


Lola Savannah Coffee Lounge was one of the first cafes in the area to serve latte art upon opening its flagship Westlake location in 2008.

Making proper espresso drinks is taken seriously, General Manager Katy Bounds said, adding the focus is on classic coffee drinks similar to their European origins. One typically will not find any extra-large, sugary, fussy drinks at the cafe, though staff is happy to customize orders to suit patrons’ needs, she said.

“Everything is very manual,” Bounds said of the process. “We have a custom-made Italian machine that pours really nice espresso.”

She said the way milk is steamed gives staff the ability to do latte art as well as make a quality drink.

There are now four Lola Savannahs in the Austin area, including a Lakeway location that opened in 2013. Each coffee shop is attached to a Grove Wine Bar & Kitchen.

“Though there are two different storefronts, it’s all part of the same business, and both blend together,” Bounds said. “Pretty much anything you can get on the Grove side you can get on the Lola side.”

The coffee lounge serves breakfast treats from local pastry shops and tacos made in-house. After breakfast Lola Savannah guests are able to order lunch and dinner from the Grove menu, and there is a wine bar on the Lola side as well. Bounds said the business is proud of the emphasis on staff—some of which have been working at the lounge for a decade—being warm, friendly and inviting.

“There’s so many meetings that take place here,” she said of the cafe’s daily morning bustle. “It’s such a nice space for people to come; we open up the Grove side as well in the mornings. Sometimes we’re completely full on both sides and on the patio.”

Many business partnerships and friendships have been made over morning meetings, she said.

“We cater towards our regulars,” Bounds said. “We like seeing the same people every day for years.”

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