Taconmaye feeds hungry residents northern Mexican fare

Taconmaye food truck is based at the Midway Food Park.

Taconmaye food truck is based at the Midway Food Park.

Although there is no shortage of taco trucks in the Austin area, Angie Zuniga, who co-owns the Taconmaye food truck with her husband, Carlos, said what separates their eatery from the rest of the taco trucks is the authenticity of the food served.

“My husband is from northern Mexico,” she said of Carlos, who cooks for Taconmaye. “The tacos are very authentic for northern Mexico.”

Angie and Carlos Zuniga own Taconmaye. Angie and Carlos Zuniga own Taconmaye.[/caption]

Conmaye is slang for "awesome," Angie said.

Many Austin taco spots serve Tex-Mex or fusion tacos, and food trucks serving authentic northern Mexican tacos are uncommon, she said.

In business for nearly a year, the al pastor and carne asada tacos are the most popular tacos at Taconmaye, Angie said. The pork in the al pastor taco is marinated in a chili pineapple marinade that is made fresh daily, she said.

The salsas are also made fresh daily, Angie said. The green salsa has been the favorite of the truck’s patrons, she said, adding that customers also love Carlos’ extra spicy orange salsa.

Before moving to Austin, Carlos worked as a welder in an oil field.

“He’s always had a real love for food and cooking in the kitchen,” Angie said of Carlos. “It’s always been a passion of his. Leaving the welding industry, [the taco truck] just kind of came into play.”

She said Taconmaye began as a food truck in Williamson County, going to breweries and helping cater small events. Angie said the couple chose to settle their truck in Midway Food Park, located off Capital of Texas Hwy. in Austin, because of its family-friendly atmosphere and ample parking space.

The eatery focuses on tacos, but it also serves burritos and tortas. The eatery focuses on tacos, but it also serves burritos and tortas.[/caption]

“Midway is fenced in, so kids can run and play and parents can hang out,” Angie said. “It has a stage and that old carnival theme look. It really highlights the ‘Keep Austin Weird’ [theme] with the decor it has.”

The couple makes every taco individually, whereas many of local chains make their tacos in bulk, she said.

However, Taconmaye’s menu is not limited to tacos; it also offers tortas, burritos, quesadillas and nachos.

The plan for Taconmaye is to have a brick-and-mortar store within the next two to three years, Angie said.

A Thursday karaoke night will begin in mid-July at the Midway Food Park, and all of the food trucks will begin serving a Sunday brunch featuring live music in August, she said. A bingo night is set for October, Angie said.