After going into executive session to discuss the matter, Bee Cave City Council voted at its Oct. 27 remote meeting to purchase a 2.78-acre lot and fund the purchase with the sale of tax notes.

The property, located at 13308 W. SH 71, Bee Cave, will connect the southern portion of Central Park with SH 71.

“This will give [SH] 71 access to our park,” Mayor Kara King said. “Spanish Oaks and the Homestead will be able to access the city park from the south side.”

In addition to a south entrance easing traffic at the north entrance off Bee Cave Parkway, King said the parcel—which will cost the city $1.98 million—would be a “great place to stage food truck parking” during larger park events.

City Manager Clint Garza said documentation states the city will acquire the property for “municipal purposes” and that specific plans for the parcel have not yet been decided.

Garza did say the city would push for a crosswalk at the parcel on SH 71 and, in the long term, advocate for a pedestrian overpass.

The city also approved the sale of tax notes to fund the parcel purchase. Also known as anticipatory notes, tax notes are issued by a government to provide funding for projects less expensive than those that require bond sales.