Multiuse storage facility on RM 620 could begin construction in October


Pending approval from the city of Austin, which could come in September, Australian business partners Tim Manson and Byron Smith said they are planning to begin construction on their multiuse, multilevel storage facility across from the Mansfield Dam on RM 620 in October.

“We are still on target for a June [or] July open next year,” Manson said during a community engagement event June 19 at The Grove in Lakeway.

Manson and Smith, who call their company XSpace Group, purchased 5.43 acres at 4229 RM 620 in Austin’s extraterritorial jurisdiction in January.

Plans for the facility call for 95,000 square feet with 60,000 square feet of units within the building up for sale. Included within the facility plan are a fourth floor and a 3,000-square-foot owner’s lounge for personal and business use.

“We’ve reserved and are now in talks [with potential buyers] for up to a third of the space,” Manson said, adding the event at The Grove was only the first of several designed to grow interest in the facility and become part of the community.

Information from XSpace states the storage units, which are available for sale rather than to rent, call for a starting price point at $72,000 for the 300-square-foot sizes and go up from there, with the largest size topping out at 1,450 square feet.

Manson said the $72,000 units have already sold out, so the lowest price for a unit is now $82,500, and a maximum price without combining units is $189,000.

“Really, what we’re creating with the brand [XSpace] is about [the] freedom of getting more space,” Manson said.

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